Synergy Accessibility Tips Modo de accesibilidad

Activación de la cuenta de estudiante

Paso 1 de 3: Declaración de privacidad

Lea la siguiente Declaración de privacidad y haga clic en el botón Aceptar para aceptar el acuerdo de privacidad
1. I understand that the Synergy Parent/Student Experience account activation is a self-registration process. 2. I understand that this process will require me to create a username and password. 3. I understand that I should keep my username and password confidential to protect the privacy of my child/ren's student records. 4. I understand that District 4124 does not recommend the use of the auto save password feature on my computer. 5. I understand that District 4124 recommends changing my password to the Synergy Parent/Student Experience periodically. 6. I understand that District 4124 regards all data, either electronic or paper-based, as confidential information and will do their best to protect the privacy of my student(s). 7. I have read and understand the data security responsibilities that accompany activating my Parent/Student Experience account.
Al hacer clic en Acepto significa que acepta la Declaración de privacidad anterior.